San Francisco, A City Where Even Gorillas Play Video Games!


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The beautiful city of San Francisco is known for many cool and wacky things - But a Gorilla playing with a Nintendo DS? That's got to top the list!

The incident occurred on August 9th, when a young visitor to the San Francisco Zoo, accidently dropped his DS console inside the Gorilla den. Bawang, a Western Lowland gorilla that resides there, immediately scooted over to examine the colorful red device.

What followed can only be described as hilarious. Bawang started to fiddle around with the buttons as if she were playing a game (and maybe she was). Soon her pesky one-year old son, Hansai was her feet, begging to take a look at the interesting looking box.

However, not wanting to expose his young mind to video games, Bawang staunchly refused, instead walking away with it firmly tucked inside her mouth (eww!)

Luckily for the console's young owner, she soon tired of it and was happy to swap it for an apple - the red juicy kind, offered to her by the zookeeper. A slightly battered, extremely slobbered on, but still working gaming device was handed back to the little boy - who hopefully learnt that the zoo may not be the best place to bring a gaming device.

The best part is, that professional photographer Christina Spicuzza happened to there and was able to take some amazing photos and video footage of the fun incident!


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