Finally, An Authentic 'Tea-Shirt'


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Photo Credit: Imperial College

Coming soon to a store near you - A t-shirt made from 'tea' - And we are not talking something simply dyed with the leaves, but an entirely new material made from the world's favorite drink!

Photo Credit: Imperial College

The amazing cloth is the result of a collaboration between Professor Freemont at London's Imperial College and fashion designer Suzanne Lee, who wished to invent a new green fabric for the fashion industry.

Image Credit: Imperial College

To manufacture the material, green tea, sugar and a number of nutrients are first mixed together to make a soup-like concoction. Bacteria are slowly added to this mixture over the course of few days. As it blends in, it helps create clumps of cellulose that rise to the surface. These are removed and spun into a fabric that is extremely lightweight but has a texture that resembles leather.

Photo Credit: Imperial College

Suzanne who has used the fabric to make a range of clothes ranging from shirts to dresses and even shoes, is tweaking the manufacturing process a little more, after which she hopes to introduce it to the mainstream market.


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