No Toothpaste Required For This Hi-Tech Toothbrush!


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Toothbrush and Toothpaste are joint at the hip - One cannot imagine using one without the other - Unless you have Soladey-eco, a revolutionary toothbrush that not only works with just water and some light, but apparently, does a better job at cleaning plaque.

The Soladey-eco toothbrush is divided into two parts. The handle, which is fitted with a small solar panel and titanium metal rod, and the top - a replaceable toothbrush head. When a light source, natural or artificial, hits the solar panel, it converts it to negative ions or electrons, which are transported to the mouth along the rod. Once inside, they interact with water or the saliva and attract the positive hydrogen ions from the plaque bacteria, which weakens its molecular structure and helps dissolve it really fast. Who knew brushing teeth involved so much science!

The revolutionary toothbrush is not a new invention - It has been available in Japan, where it was invented and in other parts of the world for almost 20 years, and is currently being used by over 20 million people. However the toothbrush, which retails for about $30USD is just making its way into North America and is still only available online on specialty websites like Sounds pretty cool doesn't it?,,

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