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When started as a quest to find the fastest game bird in Europe had today become the world's most sold copyrighted book (a record by itself)! This is not surprising, given that the Guinness World Records is an amalgamation of the most amazing, bizarre, funny and outrageous collection of achievements - human or otherwise. Below, is a sneak peak inside the recently released, 2011 edition.

Pooch With The Longest Tongue

Who actually goes through the trouble of measuring their dog's slobbery tongue - Obviously enough people to start a category. The record winning 4.5-inch tongue belongs to Puggy, a nine-year old Pekingese from Texas.

Largest Smurf Memorabilia Collection

44-year old Stephen Parkes never got over his obsession with smurfs - those tiny - three apples high folks who have blue faces, wear white pants and live in mushroom-shaped houses. And it paid off, since his 1,061 figures strong collection, is the world's largest - We wonder if he really has any competition.

How Many Straws Can You Stuff In Your Mouth!

This obviously is a tough one since Germany's Simon Elmore, set the record by stuffing 400 hundred straws inside his mouth for a full 10 seconds in 2009 - And, nobody has dared (or bothered) to outdo him - Yet!

Can Your Dog Pop Balloons?

If your dog has the talent to pop balloons, then this is a great category - He/She does however have to be able to beat Anastasia, a Jack Russell Terrier who popped a whopping 100 balloons in 44.49 seconds - On live television.

Heaviest Plane Pulled

We are not even sure how you start training for this - But Kevin Fast did it somehow, and pulled it off (literally), by lugging behind him a 188.83-ton airplane for an astounding 28 ft. in Ontario, Canada.

Green Dog

In these times when we are all trying to practice the three R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - It may be a good idea to teach your pets too. Do it right and it may land you in the record books like Tubby, who apparently recycled 26,000 bottles, by handing them to his owner.

If it seems to you that the record book is getting easier to get into, think again - The folks at Guinness Records say that they receive thousands of entries each year and, over 80 percent of them get rejected.


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      animefan3almost 7 years
      Whoa I can't believe it
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        genevievegalmost 7 years
        cool...I thought there was another dog with the longest tounge! or was it a guy?.......
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          Love this dog he's Just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE
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              i love the cow it is so adorable
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                lol XD
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                  So long
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                      That is soooo cool and cute... I like the adorable dog with the looooooooooong tongue and the "green dog...."