21-Year Old Invents A Collapsible Bike


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For most cyclists, the hardest thing about going places with a two-wheeler is the hassle of keeping it secure. Small locks are too flimsy to protect bikes, while larger locks are unwieldy and a pain to lug. And then of course there is the problem of looking for a bike rack. Now a 21-year old has come up with a genius solution - A bike that can be wrapped and locked around any post.

The bike is the brainchild of British graduate student Kevin Scott who came up with the idea after having many a bike stolen, whilst in college.

Using a ratchet system, the bendable bike appears to be completely rigid when being ridden. However, when the rider wants to secure it, he/she can simply turn a lever, which makes it completely flexible, allowing the owner to safely secure it around any available pole.

This brilliant prototype earned Kevin a runner-up position in the 2010 BDC New Designer Award contest and he is now hoping to partner with a bicycle company and bring his bendable creation to a store near you.

Sources:news.discovery.com, inhabitat.com

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  • Plumpover 6 years
    I agree with sarah if I had three wishes one I would use would be the bike!
    • Plumpover 6 years
      I want that bike so bad and I really do like my name plump he eh
      • Sarahover 6 years
        I think that is very interesting um so i want that bike gosh I wish I had one I would use that of one of my wishes if I had three wishes that would be amazing!
        • Blinkover 6 years
          Hey I think that is awesome and how long did that guy make that?
          • Bubblesover 6 years
            That is awesome!!
            • kries
              kriesover 6 years
              awesome bike man
              • Cool guy almost 7 years
                • Batman almost 7 years
                  • Dude almost 7 years
                    If you want to lock it how and how do you bend it and what happens if it bends when you ride it
                    • Dinosauralmost 7 years