The Great Caterpillar Migration


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We have all heard of the annual wildebeest migration across Africa's Serengeti - But a caterpillar migration? Now that's got to be a first!

The never been seen before event was witnessed recently at South Africa's Kruger National Park. British tourist Jamie Roonie was on a Jeep Safari, when the driver suddenly braked. Craning forward to see why, Jamie saw an incredible sight - a 17ft. convoy of caterpillars making their way across the road.

Upon closer examination, they noticed that the 136 caterpillars (yes they counted them!) that seemed to be walking in a straight line, were actually following a very fine silk thread. The driver, who had heard but never before witnessed this occurrence, explained that they were just migrating over to the bush on the other side. From there they would disperse, probably turn into chrysalis and then butterflies and fly away to their respective destinations.

While the 20-minute trek was not as long as the one taken by the migrating wildebeest, all the tourists lucky enough to see it, agreed it was just as majestic! What is amazing, is that these tiny creatures have obviously figured out how to get together and safely complete, what to them must seem like a long journey.

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