iPhone Cookie Hits The Spot!


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For all of you who cannot get enough of Apple Inc.'s sleek products, here is a sweet one to add to your list - And we mean literally, because while it may closely resemble the iPhone it is edible and if reports are to be believed, quite delectable.

Surprisingly, the confection is not the brainchild of a large multinational company, but Green Gables, a small countryside bakery in Japan's Tokushima Prefecture. It all began with a special request for an iPod Touch cookie for a client's husband. Not intimately familiar with all of Apple's products, Kumiko Kudo, the 44-year-old owner, made one that resembled the then newly introduced, iPhone.

The edible iPhone turned out so well that the baker soon started to get requests for more. However, it was not until two Japanese celebrities mentioned it on social networking site Twitter, that it became a craze, making the obscure bakery and its owner famous.

Today her iPhone cookies, which are made to order and sell for a whooping 2,730Yen or $33USD apiece, are a rage in all of Japan. They have become so famous, that even the President of Softbank, the country's exclusive cellular carrier for the iPhone and iPad had to get one. The baker of course obliged by presenting him with a custom cookie last March. His reaction? "I'm so happy. I cannot possibly eat this".

Since Ms. Kudo bakes only twenty iPhone cookies a day, the waiting list is as long as two months! Sadly for all of us living outside Japan, drooling over the picture or visting Japan is the only option, since this busy baker does not ship her treasures outside the country!

Sources: staplenews.com,news.discovery.com

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