Baby Orangutan Cruises To New Home In Style!


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How many Orangutans can you fit inside a first-class four bedroom suite? - If you are lucky like this little fellow, the answer is only one! And, judging from the smug look on his face as he lounges in his little chair - baby bottle in hand, he seems to be enjoying the trip.

The cutie is Silvestre, an 11-month old Orangutan who was born at Spain's Santillana Zoo and promptly abandoned by his mother. The zookeepers hand-reared the ape until he turned one, after which they decided to move him to Monkey World, an Orangutan sanctuary, so that he could grow up amongst other apes.

After receiving special permission from British authorities to allow the little one to make the ferry trip from Spain to Dorset, England, zoo officials approached the folks at Easy Cruise Ferry to see if they could give him a ride.

You would think that they would have made him sleep in the basement of the ship to make room for other passengers, but instead, they generously opened up their first class cabin. According to Silvestre's keeper who went along with him, the young Orangutan had a ball, as he swung between the ladders and bunks. When he tired of it, he was taken to the deck and allowed to mingle with other passengers. Cruise officials described Silvestre as the perfect VIP guest, who simply 'melted everyone's heart' during the one-day journey.

The best news is that Silvestre has settled in really well at his new home, where he has been adopted by a family of Bornean Orangutans - who are not the same type as him, but act and live very similarly.

And before you start envying him for his luxurious trip, take note that with about only 7,000 of these cute creatures left in the world, we have to do everything it takes, to save them - even if it means sending them on a cruise in a luxurious four-bedroom cabin!

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