Japan's Solution To Future Natural Disasters - A Floating Capsule


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The 9.0 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that rocked Japan earlier this year, was one of the worst natural disasters that the country has had to deal with. Now, an innovative Japanese firm has come up with a floatable shelter designed to reduce the number of human casualties, should something similar happen again.

Dubbed 'Noah' the bright yellow cylinder that resembles a giant tennis ball is four-feet in diameter and can fit up to four adults. The shelter features a tiny lookout window and has small breathing holes carved onto its surface. Built from fiberglass, it has undergone many tests and according to its manufacturer, Cosmo Power, can withstand not only giant shakes, but also, waves and floods.

The best part is that Noah, which retails for 300,000 Yen (about $4,000 USD), also doubles up as the perfect playhouse for young kids. So far, the company has received over 600 orders and has already delivered two of the spherical capsules . Hopefully, all they will ever be used for, is fun!

Resources: Huffingtonpost.com, syracuse.com

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