Fluffy Cat Ears - The Latest Fashion Accessory From Japan


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Photo Credit: necomini.com

The Japanese are always coming up with fresh fashion ideas. First, there were the LED teeth, then an air-conditioned jacket and now, this really awesome headband that can read your brainwaves. While it might sound creepy and weird, it is quite brilliant.

The Necomimi, (a combination of the Japanese words for cat and ear) is a cool headband that is fitted with two furry cat ears that respond to what is going on in your mind. If you are seriously concentrating on your school work or any other activity, the ears will be upright. Relax a little and down they go, all droopy. The best part is, you can make them swirl up and down actively if you take turns concentrating and relaxing.

While it may sound magical, the headbands are just fitted with battery-powered brainwaves sensors - A technology that has been used for many years in the medical field. Also, though they are currently being made just for fun, with some additional tweaking the Necomimi could become a useful tool in helping to decipher the feelings of people with mental disabilities or those, who cannot speak.

If you plan on getting yourself a pair, be warned that these cat ears do not come cheap and will set you back at least a few hundred dollars. Also, try not to wear them at school and help your teacher figure out the exact moment you dozed off in that social studies class!

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  • the_grim_reader
    i want them, where can i buy one!
    • eggz
      eggzover 1 year
      i kept thinking of anime doe
      • animereina2021
        animereina2021over 2 years
        What a great invention! I like how Japan comes up with these crazy but cool stuff! I would love to have those ears so I could look like a neko(cat) 💕❤
        • sealgirl
          sealgirlalmost 3 years
          i want them
          • haileyLOVEScatsalmost 3 years
            I want them for christmas
            • plebover 3 years
              • Kawaii Catover 3 years
                I love Cats!
                • Cat Girlover 3 years
                  This is so cool. So it can read your mind so people really think you are a cat when you have an emotion. So Cool! I want some!
                  • Zeapowafubacon!over 3 years
                    I wonder how much they cost...
                    • skull04
                      skull04over 3 years
                      WOW were ever you can buy them I'm in the market! 😃