Alien Remains Or Wishful Thinking?


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Ever since humans discovered Outer Space, they have been anxiously looking for signs of other forms of life - Now, an anthropologist believes that he has excavated skeletal remains of foreign beings right here on Earth - Are these really aliens or is it just wishful thinking? You decide!

The reason for this theory is that the two skeletal sets discovered by Renato Davila Riquelme in Peru, South America are like none other. To begin with, they have abnormally large skulls - Almost as big as the size of their 20 inch bodies. Also, their eye sockets are extraordinarily large -The kind that we normally envision aliens would have, if they existed.

And there is the fontanel on the head - The soft spot that is prevalent in new born babies. However, what makes these unusual is that this 'alien' also had two large molars - Not something a human baby would be born with.

Mr. Renato and three other anthropologists from Spain and Russia who have examined the remains believe that these do not look like anything that resembles any known species of humans and suspect that they be aliens. To verify their suspicions they are planning to conduct DNA tests from the remains of the eyeball inside one of the skeletons.

Meanwhile, other scientists have offered an alternate explanation for these strange looking skulls. They believe it could be the result of an old ritual of re-shaping heads, practiced by ancient Mayans, North American Natives and Australian Aborigines. The tribal practice involved molding the head in one of three ways - round, conical or flat, by wrapping a cloth tightly around the infant's skull for six months. If flat was the desired shape, the skull was then placed between two pieces of wood! Though this may sound strange, 9,000 years ago, it was a way to pledge loyalty to a particular group or display a specific social status.

While this certainly sounds more plausible, there is the question of the combination of the fotanel and the fully grown molars - Maybe these were partial aliens partial humans? We'll just have to wait and see what the experts find out!


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  • moly_2021
    moly_2021over 1 year
    Well, I think that it is a human. by the way, we don't even have the evidence yet. but it could be an alien who knows.
    • unknown_user13
      unknown_user13over 1 year
      I say it was 'Alien Remains'! I mean look at it, it's...uniquely alien-like bones look like an alien (especially the skull, full of knowledge)!
      • volcanoes
        volcanoesover 1 year
        its posible that this is a spicise that humans evolved from
        • jarifety-157063355225
          we are aliens to other aliens they may be searching for us
          • julius101
            julius101over 3 years
            We are basically aliens. What does the video have to do with aliens? I like this website has plenty of information. THANKS.
            • catalmost 4 years
              wow cool
              • konan1456
                konan1456over 4 years
                I don't know if that's a hoax but that looks real!
                • Paigeover 4 years
                  i meant aliens are really made up.
                  • konan1456
                    konan1456about 5 years
                    Nah, I think that's a baby, not an Alien
                    • Jalen over 5 years