41-Year-Old Beggar Donates His 'Earnings' To The Needy


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While it is common to hear about wealthy people donating some of their money to help out those that are not so fortunate, it is rare to hear about the same kind of generosity from someone who has very little to begin with.

But that's apparently what 41-year old Wang Zhiyou from China's Yongping Village in Heilongjiang province does. The generous man, who has been making a living off begging since he was 18, moves to a new city every month and collects whatever he can from others, for the entire period.

Just before he leaves for another location, he finds someone who is in a really desperate situation and gives them his entire stash. Over the last 15 years, he has donated 40,000 Yuan ($6,292 USD) to people he considered more needy than him, and, he has receipts to prove it.

Wang who has been dubbed the Northeastern Generous Beggar says he decided to adopt this unusual philanthropy route because he was struck by how desperate people get, after discovering that he had been given up for adoption because his birth parents could not afford to take care of him. What an amazing man!

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