Hi-Tech Fabric Improves Athletic Prowess And Heals Too!


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While we have integrated technology in almost every aspect of our lives, the clothes we don have so far, been spared - Now, a Southern California company is trying to change that with a new hi-tech fabric that will not only help athletes improve their performance, but also, help heal wounds and chronic ailments like arthritis.

The fabric developed by Santa Monica based Hologenix LLC, works on the simple scientific premise that if the oxygen level in human cells is increased, it helps the body to function better.

While it may sound magical and even impossible, the company says it is all in the way the fabric, dubbed Celliant is woven. Their proprietary technology embeds minerals into the synthetic polymer material. This in turn, helps absorb visible and infrared light and convert them into energy. The energy, which is stored in the fabric gets transferred onto the person in contact and increases their blood flow, which helps pump more oxygen into each cell and, enables the body to perform at optimal levels

As to whether this really works or not is still not yet completely confirmed. That's because while the company has been testing this technology for over a decade now, it is only recently that the Celliant fabric is being incorporated into athletic apparel manufactured by companies like Reebok, Nike and the rest.

The company is also currently conducting clinical trials to establish that if the fabric is incorporated into everyday items like blankets, bedding, mattresses etc., it will help us function better and lead healthier lives.

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