If you like bicycling as much as you like playing ball and can't seem to decide between the two sports, you may want to consider Cycle Ball - A fun sport that adopts the key attributes from both activities and transforms it, into a totally new game.

Also known as Rad Ball, the game was invented in 1893 by German laborers who wished to play polo, but could not afford horses. While the sport has not caught on in North America, it is very popular in Europe and even Japan, which boasts over 200 competitive teams.

Played in an indoor court measuring 36 ft. X 46 ft., Cycle Ball is similar to soccer in many ways - The aim is to score as many goals as possible, and only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball.

The one big difference? Use of legs is forbidden - Instead, players have to guide the ball across the court, using the front wheels of their bicycles or with their heads. In fact, if a player even touches the floor with his feet during the 14-minute game, it is considered a foul and the opposing team gets a free kick. Also, unlike soccer, the teams are small, comprising of just two players - one manning the goal post and the other on the court, trying to score.

While the game was initially played with normal bikes, things are a little different now. Serious competitors spend as much as $3,000 USD for bicycles that are optimized for the sport. The seats of these specialized bikes are positioned over the back tire and they sport a single fixed gear, making it easier for the rider to control the constant back and forth movement required for the game. The handlebars also point straight up so that the competitors can sit upright while playing, and, they are about twice the weight of normal bikes, which helps with the stability.

While Cycle Ball may sounds a little strange, it is a fast-paced sport that requires extensive training, stamina and skill, and, is also really fun to watch.