Finnish Driver Sets New World Speed Record On Ice


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Four-time World Rally champion Juha Kankkunen, has added another feather in his cap. On February 17th, the 51-year old Finnish driver shattered the World Speed record, by pushing a Bentley Supersports Convertible to an astonishing 205.48 mph (330.695km/hr) for over a kilometer - on the frozen waters of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland.

In the expert hands of Mr. Kannkunen, the powerful all-wheel drive, 600 horsepower, 12-cylinder engine sports car, revved up to a speed of 200 km/hr, just 5km into the specially built ice track. His record, ratified by the officials from the Guinness Book Of Records, was based on the average of two runs, completed in opposite directions.

While he made it look easy, he was not only battling negative 30 degree temperatures, but also, potential snow blizzards, possibility of dangerous crosswinds and most dangerous of all, a crack in the 70cm thick layer of the ice track. However, things went like clockwork, and the Finnish driver managed to break his own 2007 ice speed record of 199.83mph (321.6km/hr), quite easily.

The best part is that the Bentley Supersports was minimally modified for this endeavor. The only extras were a heavy duty safety roll cage, Pirelli winter tires and a parachute mounted on the rear bumper, to help the car from skidding out of control at the end. Even better, is the fact that this powerful car was running completely on bio-fuel!

The folks at Bentley are of course thrilled at the great performance of the car and plan to celebrate by manufacturing a limited edition of just 100 cars of Extreme Bentley - It's most powerful model to-date. While there is no word on how much the car will cost, they do promise a preview at the Geneva Motor Show, on March 1st.


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    4804124450Friday, May 22, 2015 at 5:49 am
    i love bentlys
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        I work for russia. Just kidding! Anyways, I think this is really cool and I might like to try it when I grow up. Some people don't want to, but I have my own ways. This stuff is awesome. Although I would like it if we were able to do more cool and crazy stuff. Like adventuring. It would be awesome if the government made something like Sword Art Online. Except only if we're able to get out. So, anyways, make an adventuring video game where you are an anime. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! EVERYTHING WOULD BE AWESOME!!! The world would be a better place... AND AWESOME!!!
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            I want that car it's perfect
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              quownFriday, May 22, 2015 at 5:50 am
              like for real
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              That's a cool car
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                u know its gone be fast cause its on ice duhh
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                  gap430Friday, November 21, 2014 at 12:14 pm
                  that's an awesome car
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                    I want to have that car. It's so cool! But the problem is it's so fast.......
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