Over the years, many advertisers and car manufacturers have commissioned bakers and candy makers to concoct edible models of their vehicles. Below, are some of the most incredible, not to mention delectable, life-sized creations. However, before you go any further, be sure to have a treat close by - You are definitely going to need it!


Believe it or not, this Formula One car that measured 4.7 meters long and 2 meters wide, was made entirely from chocolate! The 90kg vehicle, which took 44 days to complete, was constructed using a mix of white, dark and milk chocolates. On display in the lobby of Singapore's Royal Plaza hotel from August 7th to September 30th, 2008, it was created to commemorate the country's first racing event and ended up, being one of the star attractions.

GumBall Hummer

German-born artist, Heidi Heiss created this unique model of the Hummer H1 in 2006, as a tribute to American soldiers who gave candy to children during the war. Aptly named 'Sugar Coated', the life-sized model was made using thousands of colorful gumballs that were bound together with steel and wire mesh.

Gingerbread Woody

The 1948 Ford Woody has always looked good but this replica made by the chefs at Ritz Carlton's Laguna Niguel Hotel made it even look delicious. Using 150lbs of gingerbread, 300lbs of royal icing and thousands of M&M's, it took the chefs 800 hours to make the 8ft. long, 6ft. wide and 5.5ft. tall replica. The best part is, that unlike the other models, this yummy car was broken into pieces and handed out to guests as a special treat right after the 2010-2011 New Year's Eve celebrations!

Chocolate Porsche

This one might look yummy, but it's the least edible and also the easiest to make. A Porsche dealer in the Netherlands, was trying to find a good way to celebrate Saint Nicholas day and, draw attention to the store. Someone had the idea of covering a new Porsche 911 with 175 kilograms of Swiss Chocolate and that's what they did. However, they did not completely ruin the $250,000 USD car, since prior to smothering it with chocolate, they protected it with cling wrap. They then covered the headlights and fog lights with some white chocolate and voila, the chocolate Porsche was ready to go!

Bread Torque

A year after impressing the nation with the chocolate Formula One car, the chef's at the Royal Plaza hotel in Singapore, were at it again - 6 chefs, 2 artists, 2 technicians and 5 volunteers, baked up some delicious loaves using 51 kg of yeast, 14 liters of water, 2 kg of salt and 10,800 ml. of food varnish. Even more impressive, is that the 1,000 loaves were a mix of 22 varieties of breads, which ranged from exotic curry rolls to country bread and even dark rye sour bread. While it cost $15,000USD and 549 hours to complete, the result was definitely was worth it.

Baked Skoda Fabia

This delicious model of the super mini was commissioned by its manufacturer, Skoda Auto, as part of a marketing campaign for the car. Made from 100kg of flour, 100kg of caster sugar, 30kg of almonds, 65kg of dried fruit and lots of chocolate sauce, as well as, additional yummy stuff for the edible engine and accessories, the model cost a whopping $800,000USD - But it was well worth it, since it gave a nice boost to the sales of the real car.

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