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Happy 22nd Pi Day! Hope you are all enjoying this national day that celebrates the mathematical constant Pi (π), which begins with the digits 3.14 and is simply the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Started in 1989 at San Francisco's Exploratorium, this fun day which also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday, is not just for math geeks, but for foodies, who use it as an excuse to eat delectable Pi(es), artists who create Pi bracelets, musicians who create Pi music and even a domino fan, who created a Pi structure timed to topple in exactly 3.14 seconds. Don't believe us? Then check out the two videos below.

Did you participate in any unusual Pi-related events? If so, be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.


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  • shivi483
    shivi483over 6 years
    this like a maths problem to me
    • malmost 7 years
      wow intrestng
      • Shondaalmost 7 years
        To like solving a math problem I don't get it and Im in 5th grade
        • turtlenicole
          turtlenicolealmost 7 years
          I only know up to 3.1415926535 :P
          • frankiebaby
            frankiebabyalmost 7 years
            by heart, i only know 3.14159265358979
            • kamdenp
              kamdenpalmost 7 years
              so cool
              • xavierf
                xavierfalmost 7 years
                • chloeover 7 years
                  • Abbyover 7 years
                    That is so awesome! I don't care in I look like a nerd I want a pi bracelet!
                    • bobsayshi
                      bobsayshialmost 8 years
                      how long does it take to make that?