Celebrated Shallow Diver Leaps 36ft. Into A Baby Paddling Pool


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On February 10th, 2011, one of the world's most celebrated divers, Darren Taylor, AKA Professor Splash took the art of shallow diving to a new level. Leaping from a height of 36ft., the daredevil diver belly-plopped into a tiny paddling pool, filled with water to a height of just 12 inches.

In case you are not impressed, here is the clincher - While the bottom of the tub contained a couple of foam mats, it was not inflated - because the Guinness Book of Records does not permit that.

The dive performed in the midst of hundreds of gaping spectators, was part of the entertainment for the International Association for Exchange Students, in Trondheim, Norway, and ended up becoming Mr. Taylor's 13th entry into the Guinness Book Of Records.

Though the Coloradonative, who earns his living, performing shallow dives, has been able to establish new records by diving off higher elevations at almost every occasion, he admits it gets tougher each time - However, he seems to have no plans to stop, anytime soon.

To lessen the impact of the fall and prevent body injury, Professor Splash who has been perfecting his diving technique for over 25 years, lands as flat as possible. Another trick that seems to help is keeping the water temperature close to freezing. Apparently, the dense water also helps cushion his fall. He also takes into account the wind and temperature before he makes his leap and most importantly, stays as calm as possible. His advice to all you aspiring divers? Don't try this at home! To read more about this fascinating diver go to www.professorsplash.com.

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