Meet Drew Beaumier - The Human Transformer


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Drew Beaumier has been an avid Transformers fan every since he can recall. Therefore, it was not surprising that a few years ago, when he was between jobs, he toyed with the idea of making money by entertaining tourists, dressed up one of the alien robots.

However, it was not until about three years ago, when he came across a used Power Wheels car for a bargain price of $300 USD, that to give it a try. He began by ripping apart the entire car. Then, with the help of some spare parts and glue from his local Wal-Mart, started to create his first Autobot, by piecing the car together at the hinges and then gluing it to clothing, so that he could wear it like a suit. To make it look just like the real thing, he even attached the wheels to his arms and legs so that when he curls down, he can roll along like a car.

It took Drew about two months of trial and error to get it really right, but the effort was well worth it - The part-time bartender, who wows tourists at Hollywood and Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles by enacting scenes from the robot movie, his investment, may times over. He even managed to impress the American Idol judges at the tryouts, earlier this year - However, not enough for them to ignore his lack of singing talent!

Drew who has created several other transformers, including a Ford Mustang, Red Harley Davidson and a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, says he has received so many requests from people wishing to buy his creations, that he is considering manufacturing them in mass and will hopefully have them ready just in time for the 2012 Christmas season - Something to keep in mind when you prepare that wish list for Santa.


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  • wildizy
    wildizyWednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7:52 am
    looks like fun but i could of made that cheap thing xd
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          he is crazy
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            How did he do that
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              that was awsome
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                that was me
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