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When Wisconsin teen, Tara Frey goes to her high-school prom on April 30th, there is one thing she will not be fretting about - Someone else wearing the same dress or shoes or for that matter even holding the same purse - That's because her entire outfit is hand crafted out of a colorful medley of Starburst wrappers!

The unusual ensemble is the brainchild of Tara's mother Kerrin Frey, who hit upon the idea about six years ago, when she sported another parent weaving some gum wrappers. Since then, she and her daughter have been obsessively collecting Starburst wrappers to weave into that perfect design. After five failed attempts in the last six years, they have finally come up with a dress that is both practical and stunning.

The persistent mom has no idea how many Starbursts she went through - All she knows is that she ordered countless 20lbs Starburst packets and distributed the candy to the neighbors, with a request to get back the wrappers intact. When a request to the manufacturers for Starburst wrappers sans candy was rejected, she even resorted to giving out big bags of the candy at Halloween and requesting the trick-or-treaters to return the wrappers.

As luck would have it, the theme for Tara's prom is based on the board game Candyland, making the dress perfect for the upcoming event. As if making the dress and accessories for Tara were not enough, her zealous mother even made a waistcoat for her date, Zane Heinselman - What a sweet couple they are going to make!


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