69-Year Old Grandfather's Quest To Climb Mt. Everest - Twice, In One Season!


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For most people climbing Mt. Everest AKA Top of the World once, would be achievement enough - But then California resident Bill Burke is not like most people. For one, the 69-year old, did not even start climbing mountains until he retired from corporate law at the age of 60.

By the time he turned 67, he had climbed not only all seven summits - the highest peaks in every continent - but an 'eighth' summit - Mt. Kosciuszko, for those who consider Australia, a stand-alone continent. He believes he is the oldest person to start and complete climbing the summits after the age of 60 and, the oldest American to reach the peak of Mt. Everest, which he conquered on May 23rd, 2009, at the age of 67.

Now two years later, Bill Burke is ready for the next challenge. The mountaineer who turned 69 this March, is currently in Nepal waiting for his visa to be approved, so that he can attempt to climb Mt. Everest once again - except this time around he wants to do it twice - once from the North and once from South.

Since he has already had once successful ascent from the South, which begins in Nepal, the grandfather of 14, plans to start his quest from the North that begins from Tibet. And that's not all - After he has completed both the climbs he would like to take on the world's 4th highest peak - Mt. Lhotse, which also happens to be in Nepal. Since the ideal months to climb the Everest are from March to May, he has about six weeks to accomplish all three climbs!

Mr. Burke will not be alone in this almost impossible quest - Besides a trusted Sherpa and strong support team, he will be joined by David Liano, a good friend and climbing partner, who has successfully summited Mt. Everest three times! To read more about Mr. Burke or follow his progress go to www.eightsummits.com.

Resources: grindtv.com, eightsummits.com

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