The Countdown To The Royal Fairytale Wedding Has Begun!


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Many young girls fantasize about marrying a dashing young prince and living happily ever after, like Cinderella or Snow White. For Kate Middleton, this childhood dream is coming true, as she gets ready to marry Prince William of Wales, on April 29th, 2011, in what is rumored to be, the 'wedding of the century'

The young couple will tie the knot at Britain's historic Westminster Abbey in front of nearly 2,000 guests, with tens of thousands of people gathered along the wedding procession route, and millions more, glued to their television sets.

While details of the wedding have been kept private for the most part, some things like the wedding cake or cakes, as is the case here and the mode of transport that will be used by the royal couple, are being leaked out to the news-starved public. There is of course no news about the most important item - Kate's wedding dress. However, there is a lot of speculation of what it will be like from the so-called experts.

Unlike William's mother Princess Diana, Kate will not be arriving to the Abbey, in a Cinderella-style glass coach. Instead, she and her father Michael, will be waving to the cheering crowds from inside a 1977 classic Rolls-Royces Phantom V1, on loan from her future father-in-law, Prince Charles.

However, when Kate and her hubby head out following the wedding, she will definitely act like the princess she is, by riding to the reception in a horse-drawn carriage. Two historic carriages have been set aside for the royal couple. If the weather is good, they will ride an exquisite 109-year-old open-top carriage fit for a princess!

In case it rains, Kate and William will travel in the same glass coach used by Princess Diana in 1981. Following behind, will be four other carriages that will carry close family members (including the Queen), as well as, the lucky bridesmaids.

As for how they will satisfy their sweet tooth, the couple is sparing no expense when it comes to the cake. They have chosen to have not one but two cakes! William has insisted on a chocolate with his favorite McVites-brand tea biscuits, while bride-to-be Kate, wants an elaborate, multi-tiered fruit cake and has reportedly asked for white icing with a floral theme featuring the symbols of the four nations of the United Kingdom: an English rose, a Scottish thistle, a Welsh daffodil and an Irish shamrock. YUM!

Now for the biggest mystery! What will Kate's wedding dress look like? Only a select few know as Kate has been keeping the designer and other details of the gown, a closely guarded secret. Experts believe that the bridal gown has been commissioned to a British designer and will most likely contain antique lace and elegantly cover her shoulders. There is also speculation that she will opt for traditional white rather than a cream or ivory hue.

Her sister Pippa, was recently seen spending three hours in designer Alice Temperley’s West London showroom, fueling speculation that Ms. Temperley was the designer. But for whom? It is perfectly possible that Pippa was there not for Kate, but for her own bridesmaid dress.

And, since she has commissioned two dresses for her big day - One for the ceremony and another for the evening reception at the Buckingham Palace, she may even have two designers lined up!

While other details of the event will probably be revealed soon, we will have to wait till the princess gets out of her car to see what the wedding dress looks like - I for one, can't wait for the moment. Are you planning to watch this once in a lifetime fairytale wedding? Be sure to let me know, by adding you comments below.

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