The next time you look up at the sky and see a cloud that resembles a Disney character or the mascot of your favorite sports team, look again, for it may not be a cloud, but a Flogo - a logo that flies. The brainchild of special effects entrepreneurs Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, Flogos are the new green way to advertise in the skies.

These ingenious creations are made with soap bubbles mixed in with a little helium gas, which makes them lighter than air, enabling them to float. They morph into the desired shapes thanks to the stencils that are placed on the re-tooled artificial snow machines, that holds the gas and soap mixture.

The logos range in size from 24-48 inches and can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour in the sky, depending on the weather conditions. While they can rise up to 20,000 ft, they normally float around at between 300-500 ft. While Flogos are currently available only in white, the company hopes to provide colored options in the near future. The machines, which can be rented for $2,500USD a day, are capable of releasing a Flogo every 15-25 seconds.

The best part about this fun way of advertising is that it is very environmentally friendly. That's because the soap used to make the Flogo solution is derived from plants and leaves behind no harmful residue when the foamy cloud dissipates. Sounds a lot better and more effective than those noisy polluting airplanes that drag advertising banners in the skies, doesn't it?

Source:, Cool Hunting,