Why Ultra Clean Water Is Harmful To Your Health


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Since we are always in the hunt for the purest, cleanest and freshest sources of water, it is hard to swallow the fact that really really pure water, the kind that is necassary to clean electronic chips used in devices like computers and smart phones could actually be harmful for the human body.

Known as Ultra Pure Water, it is just normal water that has been through such a severe cleaning process, that only the H2O molecules are left - That means that there are no specks of dirt, salts, minerals or even viruses present in the water.

The reason that such pure water is required to clean the solvents and almost invisible debris that result during the manufacturing process of semiconductors, is because even the tiniest debris, one that are not even visible to the naked eye, can cause the tiny chip to malfunction.

And, while water is a great solvent, Ultra Pure Water, which has been robbed of all its salts and minerals is even better so, because it is hungry to absorb back everything that it can. While great for semiconductors, this is exactly the property that makes it harmful for humans. If ingested, it gets right to work and starts to absorb all the valuable minerals present in the body. Tests have shown that even as little as a glass of this liquid, could have a negative effect on the human body.

The good news is that while millions of gallons of Ultra Pure Water are produced on a daily basis inside manufacturing plants, you will never encounter it in your local supermarket aisle. And even if you do, there is little danger that you will be downing gallons of it. That's because it is flat, heavy and quite bitter in taste - Or as one tester succinctly puts it - Quite horrid! Apparently the reason our water tastes so good is thanks to all the additives like natural salts and minerals that are dissolved in it - Who knew?

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  • Jeffalmost 4 years
    Omg i cant believe that
    • wertyover 4 years
      In laboratories they use Ultra Purified Water and my lab teacher told me the same.
      • bubover 4 years
        • Yaover 4 years
          Tell me this is not true what that is amazing
          • Ruufflesalmost 5 years
            really cool that what we think is clean is bad for us.
            • puppylove123almost 5 years
              thats really freaky
              • blahalmost 5 years
                could care a bitt just a tiny bitt less🧠
                • Savage Boyalmost 5 years
                  that was cool!!!!!!!!!
                  • COREY Kalmost 5 years
                    that is very intresting
                    • commonsenseabout 5 years
                      i dont get it, i know that water obviously is not hungry but wouldnt that make any water harmful since it still can absorb