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Six year-old Ivan Stoiljkovic was born with an unusual talent - A magnetic upper body to which metal seems to stick like it would on a normal magnet. All he has to do, is take his shirt off and items ranging from cutlery to cell phones and even frying pans stay stuck to his body. In fact, the heavier the object, the stronger they stick!

Ivan who lives in the town of Koprivnica in Croatia has always been a very unusual kid. He was walking by eight months, rollerblading by 15 months and driving a motorcycle by the time he turned two.

His magnetic talent was discovered accidently when his grandmother was joking around with him. But now, they take it quite seriously and practice every single day in the morning, when his powers seem to be the strongest.

In fact, his grandparents believe that Ivan even has magical healing powers evidenced by the fact that his own wounds heal really fast leaving behind no scars, as well as, his ability to soothe other people's pain by simply touching them.


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