Eight-Year Old Lands Dream Job - Testing Ben 10 Toys!


What can be cooler than playing with Ben 10 toys? How about being the first one to receive them and even better, getting to keep them for free. That's exactly the job description for the gig that eight-year old James Childs has landed himself.

As the official tester for the company, the young lad who lives in Luton, England will receive all of the Ben 10's latest releases from toy manufacturer Bandai. All he has to do, is play with them and give them his honest feedback and also, other ideas that he may have. And, it gets better. Since he is too young to be paid a salary, the company will pay him with - you guessed it - More Ben 10 toys! In fact, he will be so inundated with them that he is planning to donate some to the children's ward at the local hospital.

In order to land this dream job, James had to enter a competition that was sponsored by Bandai about why he should be picked as a tester. The avid Ben 10 fan managed to convince the company that he was their guy, with a series of drawings and a photograph of him dressed as Ben 10. Did someone say lucky?

Ben 10, an animated television show about a young American boy who acquires an alien device whilst on a camping trip, first aired on the Cartoon Network in 2005. Since then, there have been two sequels - Ben 10-Alien Force and the current version, Ben 10-Ultimate Alien, which features a 16-year old Ben Tennyson who still battles evil. The success of the television series has resulted in all kinds of Ben 10 merchandise ranging from tee shirts to toys and video games - All of which have to be tested of course!

Resources: independent.ie., aol.co.uk.

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    Lol im jealous
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