Polish Sculptor Carves Functional Bicycles From Wood


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59-year old Slawomir Weremkowicz, who resides in Biala Podlaska, Poland always wanted to be an artist, so after retiring as a plumber, he decided to devote his time to his first love - woodcarving. However, the Polish native does not make ordinary sculptures or furniture - He carves functional bicycles!

The artist, who uses simple woodcarving tools like chisels and saws says he can envision what the bicycle is going to look like, when he sees the slab of wood he is planning to use. While each masterpiece looks different, they all have one thing in common - Everything, from the steering to the pedals and even the chain, is carved out different varieties of wood.

Instead of screws to hold the bike togther, Slawomir uses wooden pegs. Oh, and while they may look a little cumbersome, they can all be ridden. In fact, the artist rides a wooden bicycle every day.

Of course these amazing creations are not easy to make - Each of his bicycles, which he dubs 'wooden dinosaurs' takes a whole year to carve. But Slawomir believes they are well worth the effort. While his masterpieces can be used on a daily basis, they are so rare and precious that most of them are currently housed in museums and displayed at exhibitions. Wouldn't it be fun to show up at school in one of these retro-looking machines?

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  • roblox28
    roblox28Friday, March 13, 2020 at 7:26 am
    i love poland
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      That's amazing.
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        I'm from Poland I love Poland and Bike .
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          I like there made of wood yet he can still use them.
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            gagaTuesday, February 25, 2014 at 2:34 am
            It's cool and pretty.
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              I'm from poland! I love those bikes too!
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                That's. like. impossible?
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                  I want one were can I get it!
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                    looks hard
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                      cool i would want 1 for my b-day!!