B.A.S.E. Jumper Pulls Off Amazing Motorbike Stunt


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B.A.S.E Jumping, a sport where individuals strap themselves to a parachute and free-fall off a fixed object (Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges) or Earth), is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous sports. On Saturday April 30th, Chilean stunt rider Julio Munoz, took it up a notch when he jumped off a 4,000-meter (13,123ft.) cliff in South America's Andes Mountains, whilst riding a motorbike.

The 37-year old who had been preparing for this record-breaking jump for a few months, was armed with a total of 12 cameras that were affixed to different parts of his body, so that every angle of the jump could be recorded.

With a helicopter filming the entire scene from above, he revved up his 450cc motorbike and accelerated off the custom-built ramp that had been placed at the edge of the cliff. A few seconds later, he let the motorbike go and continued to freefall, until he was 200ft. above the ground, when he finally released the parachute and glided down with a giant smile on his face.

Describing it as one of his most exhilarating jumps ever, Mr. Munoz said he had not been at all nervous about the big event. Prior to take off, he had been too busy trying to adjust the speed of the motorbike and once he was airborne - Well that's where he is most comfortable, so what was there to be scared about?

His biggest challenge had been raising the $100,000USD he needed to pay for the special ramp, the three helicopters that transported him and his equipment to this remote region and other costs associated with what he dubbed 'B.A.S.E. Project Los Andes'.

Mr. Munoz, who says he is doing these extraordinary jumps to showcase the beauty of his country, is already working on his next jump. This time around he plans to jump off an equally stunning area in Peru. We wonder what his mode of transportation will be!

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