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You know that expression 'it's a piece of cake'? Well baking this 2,000 pound cake that depicts a Chevrolet transforming to Bumblebee, certainly wasn't - However, that did not deter Buddy Valastro - the star of television show Cake Boss.

Not only did he make the cake that closely resembled the famous autobot, but he also, added interactive features like moving wings, LED lights and a blaster that flared up when the switch was triggered.

The Chevy Camaro was made using yellow sponge cake and then covered with buttercream frosting, which also acted as the 'glue' for the rest of the attachments. As for Bumblebee? He was made entirely from Rice Krispies Treats and smothered in black and yellow fondant - double yum!

The cake, which took four days and nights to complete, was so tall that it had to be baked outdoors, instead of inside Buddy's 10,000sq.ft. bakery. And, if that wasn't trouble enough, the giant sculpture had to be strong enough to be transported from the bakery in New Jersey to New York City.

That's because the cake was ordered by Chevrolet manufacturer General Motors for display at the New York Auto Show, where they hoped to draw attention to both the vehicle and the newly released Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon. It definitely did both - The only bad part? Thanks to the special effects embedded inside, the yummy looking cake was inedible - BOO HOO!

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  • puppet godover 5 years
    i don't like cake at all unless it's cheese cake then i'm fine....for now
    • Yoover 6 years
      I love cake boss
      • Yoover 6 years
        Cool baking
        • dantae
          dantaeover 6 years
          They do 1 about optimus vs. Megatron cake
          • Mr reasonalmost 7 years
            -Sigh- Am I the ONLY one who knows that in the old series, his name was changed to Gold bug? Yeah.
            • mynamejeffabout 7 years
              that so cool
              • Hello about 7 years
                That's the cake boss I love him
                • thomas112about 7 years
                  • eggsta
                    eggstaover 7 years
                    • vanealta
                      vanealtaalmost 8 years
                      so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool