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Ever dreamt of riding a roller coaster that can take you straight up and drop you straight down? The recently opened Takabisha coaster at Japan's Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park promises to do just that and more!

Declared the World's steepest coaster by the Guinness World Records, it takes adventure seekers up 141ft. and then tosses them down at 62mph with a 121° freefall - Right into darkness! If that's not exciting enough, the ride also incorporates seven heart-stopping twists. What's incredible is that this entire ride takes a mere 112 seconds!

As you have probably guessed, while short, the trip is not cheap. A single ride on this monster roller coaster, which cost $37mm to construct, will set you back $12.50. But, thrill-seekers will agree that it is worth every penny!


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  • maison10
    maison10almost 2 years
    W~O~W Thats so steep
    • textbookmoss674
      textbookmoss674about 2 years
      thanks for helping with my fear of rolor costers
      • leiker1414
        leiker1414over 2 years
        That's why I'm going to 6 flags for my birthday. But what is SCARY is I have to go on every ride there cause this is the first time I have been.
        • leiker1414
          leiker1414over 2 years
          I ❤ steep roller coasters. But all my family does not.
          • iamgood
            iamgoodover 2 years
            kinda scary
            • bookfan2008
              bookfan2008over 2 years
              Woah! CRAZY!!
              • coastrrfactz
                coastrrfactzalmost 3 years
                Though it sounds fun, and looks fun, It's actually kind of bad compared to ejanika. (I probably spelled that wrong.) Most coaster enthusiasts would say it's just "okay." TMNT shellraiser is the same thing except higher, and that is in new jersey. So the only real reason to go to Japan is because of ejanika, really. so you're not missing out on much, really.
                • girlpower17
                  girlpower17almost 3 years
                  I wish my parents would take me!🎢
                  • coasterboy11
                    coasterboy11about 3 years
                    looks fun
                    • hafez123
                      hafez123over 3 years