Star Wars Fan Begins 2,500-Mile Trek For Charity


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It seems as though marathons and e-mail pleas are not enough to raise money for charity these days. First, there was the British teenager who 'biked' over water, now an Australian has begun a 2,500-mile trek across the country, dressed in full Stormtrooper armor.

Melbourneresident Paul Jacob French who began his cross country trek from Perth on July 14th, plans to walk all the way to Sydney, a journey that that is expected to take about five-months If, he can maintain his planned schedule of walking 25 miles a day, for five days a week!

To get to his final destination, Mr. French will cross four states and walk through many different terrains including, the world's largest slab of limestone - The treacherous Nullarbor Plain. The virtually treeless 850-mile stretch known for its extremely hot and arid conditions, is going to be even more of a challenge for Mr. French, given his rather warm attire.

However, the Stormtrooper who is trying to raise $50,000 AUD for the Starlight Foundation, a charity that brightens the lives of ill and hospitalized children, says he is ready for the challenge and that the outfit should not be an issue, given that he has even run a marathon wearing it.

As for the choice of attire? While he is obviously a Star Wars fan, it is more to do with him being a member of a worldwide volunteer organization dubbed 501st Legion, who do all their good deeds dressed in characters from the epic movie series!


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