An iPad 2 That's Worth Its Weight In Gold!


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In the market for an extra-special, one-of-a-kind Apple device? Then you may want to check out the newly unveiled iPad 2 - Gold History Edition that incorporates the precious metal, sparkly diamonds and . . . . . . a dinosaur bone!

Created by British jeweler, Stuart Hughes, the rear of the iPad is crafted entirely from 24 carat gold with 53 flawless diamonds encrusted inside the famous Apple logo. If you think that's insane, then you need to check out the front frame, which is made from Ammolite, the world's oldest known rock (75 million years) and, shavings from the thigh bone of a 65-million year old T-Rex dinosaur!

And if that's not enough, the jeweler adorned the sleep/wake button with a single cut flawless 8.5 carat diamond, surrounded it with 12 equally flawless smaller gems and laid it all in precious platinum! The cost of this amazing creation? A cool $8.1mm USD, rendering it the world's most expensive iPad 2!

While impressive, this is not the first time the Liverpool-based jeweler has crafted a unique masterpiece. In the past, they have come up with the world's most expensive suit, most expensive scale model of a Bugatti Veyron and even, the most expensive television!


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