Video Of The Week - World Toe-Wrestling Championships


Two days before six-time Wimbledon Champion, Roger Federer was usurped by French player Jo Winifred Tsonga, there was an even bigger upset. On June 26th, world champion Alan Nash, AKA 'Nasty Nash' suffered a surprising defeat in the semi-finals when unseeded Paul 'Predatoe' Beech 'out toed' him at the 2011 World Toe Wrestling Championships!

Now in its 35th year, it was invented at a Derbyshire pub by the regulars who were looking for a sport, which the 'British' could succeed at. Over the years, it has become quite popular with hundreds of competitors from all over Britain coming to showcase the strength of their big toe muscles. However so far, the sport has been dominated by the locals who started it all!


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            I see toe wrestling in my distant future. Or garbage collecting. Or food testing.
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