Today, August 4th, is President Obama's 50th birthday and while that may seem ancient to most of you, he is the nation's 5th youngest president ever - behind Ulysses S. Grant, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt and, only the last two spent their 50th birthday in the Oval Office. So how is he celebrating this momentous occasion? Here is the lowdown.

The celebrations seemed to have begun yesterday afternoon, when the President was spotted with a few of his staffers chowing down his favorite lunch - Juicy burgers and fries at Washington D.C.'s Good Stuff Eatery.

In the evening, he hopped on to Air Force One for a short flight to his hometown, Chicago to spend his birthday eve with over 2,000 ardent supporters who had paid between $50-36,000 USD to attend a large musical fundraiser for his 2012 presidential campaign. While Mr. Obama stayed for only about an hour, the crowd had a rollicking time, thanks to entertainers like Jennifer Hudson, Jazz musician Herbie Hancock and eclectic punk rock band OK go!

From there Mr. Obama jetted off to another party - A more exclusive fundraising dinner for between 85-100 guests. And, those were not the only parties held in his honor- Over 1,000 others were scattered all over the country with the President attending them via video conferencing.

Today, it's work as usual in the morning for the birthday boy followed by a smaller, more intimate party at the White House for family and friends. While the menu has not been released, it is rumored to be fairly simple - a barbeque, burgers and of course, the President's favorite pecan pie made by White House party chef, Bill Yossi.

While these all sound like fun, we have a feeling President Obama's real birthday celebration will be this weekend when he goes to Camp David in Maryland, with just his family - Especially, since it will include Malia who has been at sleepaway camp for the last month!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!