14-Year Old Basketball Star Courting Scholarship Offers - From Colleges!


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At the tender age of 14, basketball phenom, Stephen Zimmerman has already accomplished what most high school seniors find impossible to achieve - Scholarship offers from some of the nation's most prestigious universities.

The incoming high school freshman who is already 6 ft.10-inches tall has received oral offers from the coaches at University of California at Los Angeles and University of Las Vegas and, is in talks with Duke & Kansas Universities, University of Memphis and even the 2010 NCAA champions - University of Connecticut.

Stephen's gravitation towards basketball seems quite natural given his extraordinary height and, while it is a major factor for his basketball prowess, the young lad is also a very talented player who is both coordinated and skilled and most importantly, loves the game.

While flattered at all the interest from the colleges, the young basketball player is currently focusing on his immediate future - first year at high school - Which, as it turns out is not any ordinary high school, but Las Vegas-based Bishop Gorman that offers one of the best athletic programs in the nation. Here, he will be playing ball with other great young talents including the nation's top basketball recruit from the graduating class of 2012 - 16-year old forward Shabbaz Mohammed who it turns out, is fielding offers from more than sixteen of the nation's top Universities.

Stephen's ultimate dream is of course is to play for the NBA where he hopes to emulate the three-pointers that his idol 7-foot Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki is so well known for.

And, while the young boy may be a star to the world, at home he is just an over grown eight-grader who loves cartoons, shoots hoops with his 8-year old sister and . . . . . does his share of chores and dishes!

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