Have You Spotted The Missing 'Is Land'?


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If you happen to see a giant island floating around in the skies above you, don't panic - It is not a portion of earth come loose - Just a very realistic looking work of art that has gone astray, thanks to some mischievous youngsters.

The 23-ft. helium-filled replica of a desert island, which cost about $14,000 USD was created as an exhibit by two young British artists, Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds for the Secret Garden Party, an annual arts and music festival that takes place in Huntington, England.

Dubbed 'Is Land' the giant sculpture, which took six months to create, was tethered by ropes above a lake on the grounds of the festival for all to admire, until that fateful July 24th morning, when the guards spotted a few young men cutting off the tethers and letting Is Land go free!

Though organizers are hoping that it is still floating around somewhere in the UK skies, wind data seems to indicate that Is Land may now be much further away probably above the town of Celje in Slovenia. While word has been sent to the people of the country and to all aviation authorities, nobody has reported a sighting yet.

The artists are keeping their fingers crossed that their masterpiece is found soon, because they want to display it at Nevada's famous Burning Man Festival which begins on August 29th. Could it be that the missing balloon is already headed there? Hmmm!

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