Nissan Brings 'LEAF' Power To Homes


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When Japanese car manufacturer Nissan introduced the LEAF (Leading Environmentally friendly, Affordable Family car) in December 2010, it impressed even the biggest skeptics - For not only is this all-electric car able to provide the equivalent of 99 miles per gallon, it does it with zero emission! Now, the manufacturer has added another trick to this already amazing car - One that will save you even more money.

The company has figured out how to transfer electricity saved by the car's engine to the house grid with the help of a new power supply system. Nissan estimates that with LEAF's battery capable of storing about 24kWh of power, the car should be able to generate enough electricity to power an average Japanese household for at least two days - A feature that would come in quite handy during a power outage or a natural disaster, like the recent earthquake in Japan.

The power system is designed so that the LEAF can be hooked up to the home's electricity distribution panel with a connector that is in turn linked to its quick charging port. It is built so that it can supply electricity from the car to the house, whilst still charging the car. The system, which will be compatible with existing LEAF cars is expected to go into full production by April 2012. While initially available only in Japan, the company expects to introduce versions compatible with electricity grids all around the world in the near future! We sure hope other car manufacturers follow suit!


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  • foxy 1047over 3 years
    I'll sick to my classic cars that get 13mpg, thanks.
    • Shreyas Omarover 3 years
      THIS CAR IS SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Shreyas Omarover 3 years
        This is cool
        • girlabout 4 years
          I need that car
          • girlabout 4 years
            I never wanted a car like this but when this I would like to buy 1
            • James Onealover 4 years
              so better than what I got
              • James Onealover 4 years
                • mannabout 5 years
                  i want 1
                  • mannabout 5 years
                    • mannabout 5 years