A Ten-Year Tribute To The Victims & Heroes Of 9/11


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9/11/2001 will be etched in the hearts & minds of Americans forever for two primary reasons - good and bad. On the tragic side, it was a day when 3,000 innocent people lost their lives. However, it was also a day when the best of humanity emerged, with people helping or in some cases even sacrificing their lives for friends, colleagues and in most cases, total strangers. Today, on the 10th anniversary of this tragic event, we tip our hats to all the victims and unsung heroes who came together to save the nation from what could have been an even worse tragedy.

For those of you too young to remember this terrible day, here is a brief synopsis.

Ten years ago today, 19 terrorists, organized into four groups each with an expert pilot, hijacked four commercial flights from Newark, Washington D.C. and Boston - all picked strategically, because they were heading long distances either to Los Angeles and San Francisco and therefore, loaded with fuel.

Two headed to the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, hitting the high-rises at 8.46am and 9.03am respectively, while the third flew to Virginia and crashed into the Pentagon at 9.37am. The fourth was believed to have been headed to the Capitol or White House - However, the terrorists efforts were thwarted by brave passengers who tried to seize control - While they did succeed in diverting the flight and preventing thousands of more deaths, they were not as successful in saving themselves. The plane crashed in an empty field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

For those who were at the scene or watched the entire chain of events unfold on live television, it was like a super bad dream or watching a horror movie. At the end of the aftermath, over 3,000 innocent people lost their lives with the impact rippling through to thousands of families, who are still trying to get over this unnecessary act of violence.

September 11, 2001 was truly a tragedy of epic proportions - One that will never be forgotten. However, similar to other tragic events like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964, it has made us more resilient and come together as a nation - Regardless of color, creed or gender - Something, we should all be proud of. So be sure to take some time today to remember all those who lost their lives on that fateful day and continue to do so, in the ongoing war against terrorism that the world has been involved in, since.

Resources: cnn.com, wikipedia.com

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  • Anthony over 6 years
    that video I just watched was so sad.and I feel bad for the people who died .on 911 2001
    • aleabout 7 years
      Rip :'(
      • jeffabout 7 years
        • MDACDEGabout 7 years
          its very sad :(
          • lolo pabout 7 years
            200 people fire men died other countreys that was son purpase
            • lolo pabout 7 years
              so sad
              • cabout 7 years
                this is so sad
                • MARINES_4_LIFEabout 7 years
                  We need to appercaite the Armed Forces and all the peoples that died trying to save the people that couldn't help themselves to escape. I am so lucky to be alive but my age the incident was b4 I was born I am just so lucky to be alive, and I am so sorry for the famlies and loved ones that died. Thank you for your service. The terrorist leader is gonna be in prison for all of eternity until he dies. The Navy went on a mission to find the terrorist leader and found him and put him in jail/prison.
                  • Army strong about 7 years
                    sad day for us but we never give up we attacked bibladin 3 years ago in russia cheasubikia and captured him and put him in jail for the tragic things he has done.i hate terrorists whos with me? I mean he deserved it he attacked the pentagon,twin towers , statehouse and more i mean i agree MARINES_4_LIFE i mean am i right people am i right? we will get them back if they bomb us we bomb them HARDER. People you could see people jumping out of the twin towers for there death they died before they touched the ground because of the air presouur.
                    • MARINES_4_LIFEabout 7 years
                      Terrortists are so mean and rude I can't belive that they would do such a thing! Who's with me? I hate terrorists so much. On Sept 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers were destroyed by those evil terrorists. Today at night in NY (New York) you may be ale to see two twin beams from where the twin towers stood.