Video Of The Week - Snappy, The Orange Crocodile!

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Just a few weeks ago, Snappy an eight-foot long saltwater crocodile, who lives at the Roaming Reptiles center in Melbourne, Australia, used to look just like the rest of the clan - A nice dull green. So you can only imagine how horrified its owner Tracy Sandstrom was when the crocodile began to turn a bright orange!

Fortunately, it turns out that Snappy is not suffering from a rare disease, but simply from its own bad habits. Turns out that the reptile who spends nights in a heated bath, had been gnawing on the water pipes and had managed to destroy the filter.

This in turn, allowed the red algae or tannins from the dried up fallen leaves to seep into his bath water, effectively dyeing him a bright orange. Experts have assured Tracy that Snappy will eventually revert to his normal color - Meanwhile though, it sure has made him a celebrity worldwide!


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  • Danielover 4 years
    Super cool
    • girover 5 years
      i so cool and this better than me WWWWOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!
      • animal kidover 5 years
        There smaller than the regular crocodiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • Anontamosover 5 years
          Its like trying to tame a pitbull
          • lololalmost 6 years
            so cool
            • emilyalmost 7 years
              crocs are cool but this one is way cooler.
              • juvguvugvljhlguover 7 years
                It is kind of scary but then AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool.
                • eggedover 7 years
                  Awsome I love crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  • Dominic almost 8 years
                    The best
                    • PINHEADover 8 years
                      man,that is so wierd