100-Year Old Marathon Runner Keeps Going And Going And . . . .


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Watch out Energizer Bunny, here comes Fauja Singh - A 100-year old British resident who is still competing in marathons, without the help of any batteries! What's even more impressive is that this amazing man began his running spree at the ripe old age of 89!

Born on April 1st 1911, Mr. Singh spent most of his life in his native state of Punjab, India tending to his farmland. While he enjoyed running in his early years, he did not take it up as a 'sport' until he moved to England, about 20 years ago.

Bored of the sedentary lifestyle he was leading, he hired a trainer to get him started. Soon, he was challenging other pensioners to races and before he knew it, stong enough to run in the long-distance events. His first marathon, which he ran at the age of 89, took 6hrs 54mins - A full 58 mins faster than the previous record in this age category. And, he has only gotten better with age.

He completed the London Marathon in 6 hrs, 2mins, but his best time, which also happens to be a world record for contestants over the age of 90, is 5hrs 40mins that he established at the Toronto marathon in 2003.

This extraordinary man whose passion is to raise money for charity, trains 10 miles every day and says the secret to his success is eating healthy vegetarian meals, drinking copious amounts of ginger tea and thinking positively. As for the marathon, he asserts that the first 20 miles are a piece of cake. To get through the final stage, the deeply religious man gets his strength by talking to god.

Though he has over seven marathons under his belt, Mr. Singh is not ready to hang up his running shoes. He just walked himself into the record books last week, by becoming the oldest man to sign up for a marathon - The 2012 Edinburgh race that he hopes to compete in as part of a four-man relay team with an average age of 86. Small wonder that this sprightly young man replaced soccer superstar David Beckham, in the Adidas advertising campaign entitled 'Nothing is Impossible!'

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    very old but fast
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          I respect that because I am also punjabi
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              he looks old
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                That man certainly has quite a lot of passion for participating in marathons.
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                  Amazing! He looks real young to me...
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