Pothole Gardener Transforms Eyesores Into Works Of Art


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Potholes, those pesky unexpected dents on our roads are not only a nuisance and often destructive for cars but also, an eyesore - Now, an avid British gardener is transforming them into works of art by creating miniature flower beds!

34-year old Steven Wheen who began his unusual quest about three years ago, said he was inspired by a similar project undertaken by students at California's College of Arts, who did a similar thing for a San Francisco neighborhood.

Over the years, he has created 150 mini gardens covering up as many potholes as he can find around the city of London even those, as small as one square inch! The clever gardener begins by filling up the space with some soil and then planting in whatever flower or shrub he believes will fit the theme.

That's because unlike other pothole gardeners, Steven not only creates beautiful landscapes, but also, adds miniature props like a bicycle, an iconic British telephone box, a Mini Cooper or whatever suits his fancy. Of course, he only leaves the props at the scene long enough to take a photo and then removes them before they can cause damage to the cars driving over them.

Steven says that though people often think he is doing this to 'protest' the road conditions, that is not his purpose. He is simply doing it to provide some greenery to the concrete London landscape and to see the smile on the faces of the passersby fortunate enough to see his little works of art. For those of us not as lucky, he has published a book, appropriately titled the Little Book of Little Gardens!

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