35-mile Laser Rainbow Lights Up New York Skies To Honor Hurricane Sandy Victims


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From Tuesday November 26th to Thursday November 28th, New York residents were treated to an unusual but glorious sight - A 35-mile rainbow that lit up the cloudy night skies all the way from Manhattan to the hurricane ravaged Brooklyn. The spectacular spectrum of color was not a freak act of nature, but a powerful work of art created by German artist Yvette Mattern.

Called 'Global Rainbow After The Storm', the laser installation that was beamed off Manhattan's Standard Hotel was thought up by the Berlin-based artist as a way to provide people with a sense of peace and security especially, during a time of crises, such as the one the city has been through thanks to Hurricane Sandy and also, to relay a message of unity regardless of class, race, religion, and culture.

Though the art installation was not specially created for New York City and has previously been displayed across Europe and even at the London Olympics, it served as great symbol of hope and restoration for the residents that are still recovering from the devastation and trying to re-build their lives the best they can!

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