A Work Of Art Worth Jumping Up And Down 'For' Or Should We Say 'On'?


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Let's face it - Art shows can get just a tad boring. After all, how many exhibits can you ooh and aah over? Unless of course, you are one of those lucky people that live in South-East Russia and was fortunate enough to visit the Archstoyanie art festival where one of the art installations this year happened to be 'Fast Track' - The world's longest trampoline!

Measuring 170 meters (557 feet) or about the length of 13 double decker buses placed in a straight line, the exhibit made from reinforced rubber is so long that that the field near the Nikola Lenivets village in the Kostroma region where the event is held, had to be dug out to make room for it.

What was even cooler was that unlike other exhibitions, where visitors are asked to stay away from the 'artwork', here they were encouraged to hop as much as they wanted and even use it, as a mode of transport to get to the other exhibits.

The brilliant minds behind this amazing work of art are the folks from an Estonian architecture studio called Salto. It was created as an alternative to the usual (boring) morning commute - One that will provide people going to work with an unusual experience of moving and perceiving the surrounding environment. Given how popular Fast Track was during the festival and is even today, they maybe onto something!

Held annually in summer since 2006, the Archstoyanie art festival is a unique event that provides architects both Russian and foreign, to unleash their artistic talents by using the open ground as a creative laboratory. Besides the cool trampoline, this year's exhibition whose theme was Signs of Movement included a number of magical wood and steel structures and even a 'moving art' exhibit which turned out to be a group of men and women dressed in alien-like bodysuits walking along the field in a single file.

Here's the best part - Though the festival only lasted two days, the trampoline is here to stay and is now considered an integral part of the park infrastructure given that it is not just an art installation, but also, a road, one on which residents and visitors will hop, skip and jump with joy, for many years to come!

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  • rosiehelgeland
    rosiehelgelandMonday, February 2, 2015 at 6:15 am
    I wish one of my works of art could be in that fair but i'm probably not old enough.
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      That seems so fun
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          Go russians! I'm russian :D
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              that's so cool
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                I wish I could live in Russia!
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                so awesome have to do it one day
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                  OMG that look so cool! I have to try that someday!! XD :D
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