North Yorkshire's Mysterious Tree Sculptor Finally Revealed


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For the last two months, the residents of the historic town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, UK have been scratching their heads in amazement as they watched the radical transformation of ordinary trees in the nearby woods, into extraordinary works of art.

However, it seems that the artist who created the intricate tree carvings that included a diving kingfisher plucking fish from the sea, a spooky figure and a larger than life lizard, both of which seemed to come directly from Harry Potter's Forbidden Forest, did not want to be discovered.

But, the locals and the media were not going to give up that easily. Reporters from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) finally decided to approach the owner of the wooded area, David Brown, to see if he knew anything about them

Turns out that it was he who had commissioned award-winning British chainsaw tree sculptor Tommy Craggs, to create these mystical works of art. The former lumberjack, who only carves trees that are already on the ground or those that need to be felled, is a master at his profession and cherishes in going around the world, creating amazing works of art.

As to how he managed to complete these carvings without anyone seeing him is this open area that is accessible to the general public, still remains a mystery. However, the town folk are not complaining. These sculptures have just added a new tourist draw to the area that is already popular for its quirky architecture and annual art festivals.


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    U should be in the world records
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      That's cool
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        looks like an indian carved it.
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          Who? A lumber jack what?made a sculptor where? Olka homa when?march1.2012 why?he wanted to meet his challenge
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              Those are some cool and pretty sculptures!
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                This article was very interesting , though I've read Harry potter and these never appeared.
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                    Great article
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                      good articlei liked the one with the owl