America's Iconic Oreo Cookie Turns 100!

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Who hasn't enjoyed an Oreo? That delicious sandwich cookie that you either dunk in milk whole or savor by peeling off layer after layer. Well believe it or not, you are not the first to appreciate its amazing taste and nor, were your parents, because this amazing cookie which still remains our favorite snack, is 100 years old today!

First introduced to the world by Manhattan's Chelsea Market Bakery on March 6th, 1912, the cookie was originally sold in bulk tins for a mere $0.30 a pound. Today, the scrumptious snack is available in over 100 countries all around the world.

Kraft Foods Inc. the company that manufactures it now, estimates that over 491 billion of these delicious nuggets have been sold since 1912, making Oreos the best selling cookie brand of the 21st Century!

What's even more surprising is that despite the introduction of new 'modern' versions like mint, chocolate covered, lemon and even green tea (In China), it is the original - two chocolate wafers on the outside and cream on the inside, that remains a steadfast favorite, among both young and old.

So how do people savor their Oreos? According to Kraft Foods Inc., over 50 percent perform the classic 'Twist, Lick & Dunk' ritual, with women doing it more so than men, who seem to prefer just gobbling down the entire cookie in one piece. Either way, it is delicious!

So what are you waiting for? Let's celebrate this day by grabbing some Oreo's - classic or the special 100th anniversary versions, a glass of milk, and 'Twist, Lick & Dunk'! Happy Birthday Oreo - Here's to another 100 years!


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  • tucker loweover 5 years
    I LIKE OREOS :) and the video was funny and if you could give stars i would give this video 5 stars!
    • 2k17almost 6 years
      i like oreos :)
      • pianostar
        pianostarabout 8 years
        the end of the video is so funny! haha
        • sweetpanda
          sweetpandaabout 8 years
          TᕼᗩT Iᔕ ᔕOOOO ᑕᑌTE 🐼💝
        • sweetpanda
          sweetpandaabout 8 years
          TᕼᗩT Iᔕ ᔕOOO ᑕᑌTE 🐼💝
          • genius1326
            genius1326about 8 years
            I hate Oreos personally, and they are too sweet and have too much sugar. Hold the Oreo's, and I'll take the milk.
            • pianostar
              pianostarabout 8 years
              oreos used to make my head hurt for some reason, but they are better now. not my favorite though... I don't like milk that much.
              • smartpanda
                smartpandaabout 8 years
                TᕼᗩT Iᔕ KIᑎᗪ Oᖴ TᖇᑌE TᕼOᑌGᕼ ᗪIᗪ YOᑌ KᑎOᗯ TᕼᗩT Iᖴ YOᑌ ᒍᑌᔕT EᗩT I OᖇEO YOᑌ ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᕼᗩᐯE TO ᖇᑌᑎ 200 ᔕTᗩIᖇᔕ TO ᗷᑌᖇᑎ ᗩᒪᒪ Oᖴ TᕼE ᑕᗩᒪᒪOᖇIEᔕ
                • redheadperson22
                  redheadperson22about 8 years
                  My sister hates Oreos too, so your not alone :). I actually like Oreos. I just hate bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers, cake (I don't really hate cake, I just don't really like it), French fries, etc.
              • good girlover 8 years
                oreos so good <3
                • watt
                  wattover 8 years
                  i love oreos with milk :)
                  • rereswag
                    rereswagover 8 years
                    I guess I like Oreos i only like them dunked in milk people think I'm really weird for not liking them without milk. :) (i'm weird)
                    • diamondkid
                      diamondkidover 8 years