International Inventors Fair Attracts Some Wild And Wacky Creations


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From April 18th - 22nd, 789 aspiring inventors from 46 countries came to Geneva, Switzerland to exhibit their brilliant ideas at the International Exhibition of Inventors. Now in its 40th year, the event provides a venue for inventors to showcase their creations to potential investors or manufacturers who can help them with commercial production.

As usual, there were some really useful ones like a lamp that generates its own power and a wind generator that requires only a breeze to produce power. However, as is normally the case, it is the wacky ones that received the most attention. Among the wildest was a suspender that will not only hold up the wearer's pants, but also, his umbrella, so that he can walk around with his hands, completely free.

Another fun one was this Ball Rider. Invented by Germany's Ulli Boehme it comprises of two large colorful balls in lieu of wheels and is being marketed as a new sport and leisure vehicle! For people who have a hard time or simply hate tying their shoelaces, there was a brilliant gadget that did the job with a single touch.

US born Andre Platetsky invented a hairbrush fitted with a section to hold a liquid treatment solution that would shoot out when the user brushed his/her hair, whilst Geneva resident Jacues Surbect invented a ball that would protect its user from the electro-magnetic waves emitted by common household gadgets like televisions, radios and microwaves.

Then there were the baby bottles that would change color depending on the temperature of the liquid inside, a protective suit to help people who work in toxic environments, a high-tech screen that allows the user to play stimulated golf and the list goes on and on. . . .

While medals were awarded to inventors from many countries, it was the Taiwanese inventors that stole the show with eight special prizes, 45 gold medals, 52 silver medals and 25 bronze medals! While most were awarded to scientific products, one gold medal was won by this really cool invention - Shoes with interchangeable high heels that featured things like the Eiffel Tower, Chinese Chess and Taiwan's tallest building, The Taipei 101.


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  • bsc
    bscover 1 year
    This is such a cool fair!
    • ginnyweasly1
      ginnyweasly1about 2 years
      I would use the hairbrush my hair is always tangily
      • Meover 4 years
        I think you can change the high heels because at the very bottom it says "Shoes with interchangeable high heels that featured things like the Eiffel Tower, Chinese Chess and Taiwan's tallest building, The Taipei 101."
        • snail07
          snail07over 4 years
          I don't get the high heels thing.
          • Nameover 4 years
            Hehe . Ball bike.
            • sweetpanda
              sweetpandaover 6 years
              • cheetahluver
                cheetahluverover 6 years
                How about a high-tech screen that lets us play stimulated tennis?
                • catsrule
                  catsrulealmost 7 years
                  I want to go to this.
                  • moonboom6
                    moonboom6almost 8 years
                    i like the plane the best!
                    • AwesomeLove53over 8 years
                      The shoelace thing would be helpful because my shoelaces come undone so much that I don't even bother tying them.