Argentinean Zoo Animals Celebrate Easter


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Today is Easter Sunday, a day when Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by going to church and feasting on delectable foods. For kids, it means seeking out eggs filled with candy or better still, those made out of chocolate. At the Buenos Aires zoo in Argentina, even the animals get into the spirit.

The idea of including the zoo inhabitants in the celebrations, a tradition that has been going on for a few years, came from zoo biologist Giovanna Donini, as part of an ongoing interactive program to keep zoo animals occupied and happy.

It entails providing the residents with large decorative eggs - Except, these are not made with chocolate, but cardboard. Tucked inside, are some their favorite treats - raw meat, vegetables and fruit. While we all know exactly what to expect, the animals are always a little vary when provided with these unusual treats, but they soon seem to figure it out.

This year, the white tiger looked a little confused when confronted with the brightly decorated egg and began by licking it. However, it soon realized that inside lay a special treat - raw meat, which was gone in no time at all. The Jaguars too, began by playing with the eggs before tearing them apart and devouring the contents.

It was not just the big cats that got to celebrate. The lemurs, chimpanzees, polar bears and other zoo animals received eggs too - Each filled with the respective animal's favorite treats.

This is not the first time zoo animals have been included in this fun tradition. In 2011, the London Zoo treated its team of 20 Meerkats to brightly colored eggs filled with tasty meal worms - As you can see from the video, it was a huge success.

Happy Easter!


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