Video Of The Week - Spectacular Light Show 'Crumbles' Sydney's Opera House


CCSS NAS-5 NCSS-8 140 Words 1-Minute Listen

Every year, the Vivid Light, Music and Ideas Festival held at Sydney's Opera House transforms the already beautiful city into an even more spectacular canvas of light and music. The event, which this year takes place from May 25th - June 11th, is known for attracting the world's best performers, as well as, leading global intellectuals.

However, what it is most anticipated for is the creative outdoor light displays, the largest of which uses the Opera House's famous sail shaped structure as its backdrop. While it is amazing every year, this year's display ranks as one of the best in the festival's 4-year history.

Created by German design firm Urbanscreen as a way to depict what is happening inside the Opera House, it gives the illusion of the entire structure being deconstructed and then restored back, to its original splendor!,

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