Video Of The Week - Wingsuit Jumper Sets Four Records With One Death-Defying Flight!


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Earlier this week, the folks at Guinness World Records confirmed that Colombian stuntman Jhonathan Florex had shattered multiple records on April 20th, 2012, when he flew off an airplane in his wingsuit from an altitude so high, that he had to strap along an oxygen tank.

During his almost ten-minute journey back to earth, the 29-year old broke four records - The greatest horizontal distance flown in a wingsuit (16.315 miles), The greatest absolute distance flown in a wingsuit (17.520 miles), The highest ever wingsuit jump (37,265 ft.) and last, but not least, the longest wingsuit flight ever (9min 6sec).

The best part is that besides being a daredevil, Jhonathan is also a professional filmmaker and photographer and was therefore able to capture his 'human flight' with the help of cameras attached to his back and helmet.

Jhonathan who declared it the best experience of his life, said that he had to undergo some vigorous training to get his body ready for the jump, which required traveling through winds of up to 120mph, whilst trying to stay afloat and maneuver his body in the right direction.

Wingsuits, also known as birdman suits or squirrel suits are not new, and have been used in some form or shape since the 1930's. However, over the years, they have become increasingly sophisticated, thanks to the invention of new materials and techniques. Jhonathan was wearing a state-of-the-art Apache XRW wingsuit that had been fitted with a GPS tracker and thermals to keep him warm against the -49°F temperature that he encountered, when he first leaped off.


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