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What began as a quest to find the fastest game bird in Europe has evolved into the world's most sold copyrighted (a record by itself), not to mention, most eagerly awaited book. The latest version of the Guinness World Records that amalgamates the world's most amazing, bizarre, funny and outrageous collection of achievements, does not disappoint. Below, are some of records you will be able to read about in the 2013 edition that was released on Wednesday, September 13th.

Dog or Pony?

Dog or Pony? That, is the question that Michigan resident Denise Doorlag gets constantly asked about Zeus her Great Dane. Now, she and her family will be able to proudly respond that he is not just any dog, but, the world's tallest one! Measuring 44 inches from foot to shoulder and a whooping 7-foot 4 inches when standing on this hind legs, the three-year old towers over last year's winner, Arizona-based Giant George by . . . . . . . Just an inch!

World's Tallest Mohawk

Japanese designer Kazuhiro Watanabe did not just break the record for the world's tallest mohawk - he shattered it, with his 3-foot, 8.6 inch tower that was 13.11 inches taller than existing record holder Stefan Srocka's. The patient man who used three cans of hairspray and one large bottle of gel to keep his masterpiece afloat, has been growing his hair for 15 years to achieve his goal. So why go through all this trouble? To get into the record books of course! The Japanese man said that his other idea was to break the record for drinking the world's most Tabasco sauce - This definitely, was a safer option!

Popeye Has Been Usurped!

Move over Popeye, here comes Moustafa Ismail, the man with the world's largest biceps. His left arm measures an astounding 64.77 cm (25.5) inches when flexed and just a tad smaller, 62.23 cm (24.5 in), when straightened. His right arm measurements are about half an inch smaller in both positions. The Egyptian born man who now resides in Franklin, Massachusetts works out seven days a week and regularly lifts 80 pound dumbbells, curls 400 pounds and benches up to 500 pounds. He has been working to get into the record books for over ten years now. As for his diet? Seems to comprise largely of chicken and fish! Could Popeye have been wrong about the spinach? Hmmm . . . . .

Imagine Riding To School On This Monster

In this day and age when bikes are getting increasingly lighter, it is a refreshing change to see someone build the exact opposite - Behold, the world's heaviest rideable bike. Built by Netherlands resident Wouter van den Bosch, it weighs 750 kg (1650 lbs) thanks to the giant tractor tire that stands in for the front wheel. As to how often Wouter rides this behemoth? Judging from the record book's statement that says it was ridden in Arnhem, Netherlands in May 2010, we have to deduce that it is not his daily mode of transport!

Full-time Minister Is Also Creator of World's Largest Drum Kit

Dr. Mark Temperato the Pastor of Breath of Worship in Lakeville, NY has an unusual hobby at least, for a man of god - He loves to play drums. The part-time musician who calls himself an Agent of Rhythm has played with many famous bands worldwide and is now the record holder for the world's largest set of drums, one that he has spent 35 years piecing together. Featuring over 340 pieces of a combination of quality drums, cymbals and other equipment, it requires a custom 48ft., 18-wheel tractor trailer to transport and takes a team of three to four people 15 hours, to put together. The most amazing part is that the pastor can still play the entire instrument solo for as long as 45-minutes straight.

The Photo Booth Challenge

This is a record most of you will be able to relate to! In July 2012, these seven women squeezed themselves into the 2013 Guinness World Records by not only all getting inside a photo booth simultaneously, but also, staying in the same position for over five seconds. In case you are planning on breaking this record with some innovative ideas (like younger and shorter kids), do keep in mind that in order to qualify, the occupant has to be at least 18 years of age and more than five feet tall. As you have probably figured out by now, these seven women were a little special - They were all contortionists, which explains their amazingly flexible bodies.

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